Each year we value our feedback from course participants. Here is some of the course feedback received from the last few years:


Combining surgical management and therapy management is a very helpful format to facilitate discussion

Set at a perfect level – accessible to everyone. Very engaging and informative.

Another excellent course, I have learnt so much thank you

2015 Course

Thanks so much for an excellent day, I have learnt loads!

A well organised course with good talks and very good food, thank you!

Well organised, very useful, practical and worth the journey!

Thank you for everyone's hard work to present such a great course!

2014 Course

Best workshops ever! Very relevant to day to day practice

Great course, presenters very informative and approachable, many thanks

This was an excellent day – thank you, one of the best.

Excellent speakers – confident and good level of knowledge

Very well organised and informative day

2013 Course

A Fantastic day, looking forward to next year

Excellent day with a good range of speakers

Lovely location, thank you

Really valuable having both surgeons and therapists perspective

2012 Course

Thankyou so much for such a good day very well organised!

Brilliant course - especially the talk by Terenghi which was fascinating! Keep up the good work!

Well worth the travel!

It's always a very useful and informative day and the spectrum of topics was well planned and broad!

Excellent organisation and support from the organisers thank you!

Very interesting and motivating course.

A really good day. It was a hugh topic for one day and I wish everyone could have spoken for longer but it was great!

Very interesting, good speakers and excellent venue!

2011 Course

"Excellent course - very informative, very well organised, excellent presentations"

"Thank you - very informative course and excellent speakers / resources"

"Thank you for an informative and enjoyable day. It was also great to meet other therapists and surgeons."

"Good to be multidisciplinary - thank you"

2010 Course

"The course works really well having both surgical and therapeutic management."

"The whole course was extremely informative and interesting. As a therapist the therapy lectures were valuable and the surgeon's presentation also worked really well. The practical element of the course was also excellent!"

"The anatomy lab and tendon dissection was amazing! Thank you."

"Found all lectures very informative, highlighting evidence based and best practice. Great for giving new ideas on exercises and therapy regimes."

"The practical workshop offered a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into the difficulties of repairing a tendon and was extremely useful to visualise the anatomy. Definitely a valuable learning experience that I will not forget!"

"I thought this was one of the best Wessex hand courses I have been on especially with the practical element this year."

"This course always offers a great opportunity to liase with other hand therapist's and surgeon's"

"A very helpful and informative course will definitely attend again and encourage my colleagues to come along!"

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